I love you, I just don’t like you anymore


I love you, but it’s over.

  It doesn’t matter because it hurts. Every time I believe we are going to stay together, you prove me that you are not willing to do so. And I will always want you, but you give me new reasons why I should forget that idea.

  Sometimes is better to accept certain things have to be forgotten, than trying to push something that was already beautiful, but maybe because of lack of love, it’s not anymore. Do you get my point? Even if staying is all that I wish, you proved that it’s not possible. You’ve spent too much time talking about opportunities, but you’ve never given me a real chance to start over. You’ve never given as a real chance to be happy together.

You were not 100% with me. You were not the same anymore. And either I don’t know how to say it or I fight against the truth, but…

  I love you, I just don’t like you anymore.


Rosdet Nascimento

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